Friday, 23 January 2009

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Anonymous said...

Dear Hon MP
I read your article 3x with cuation and with a sense of rear patience an attribute remote in my oen starndatds. Well done and thank you.
Interestingly for Month I have been ruminating about the concept of world peace and stability from the perspective of "Nil Revenge after change" grounded in my tribal ideology of peace making and naturing.
Tribal sounds , a bit African and some people would say , "backward"--excuse me, but it means a lot to me and many.
You article made some resonance in my thinking and my passion in peace, change, leraning and Justice .
As A Ugandan with British way of life experience , I want to initiate a Forum bult around these facets.
This world is buitiful, can be peaceful, and fruitful if at all people like you the Hon MP come up and engage and write such well thought piece of work.
Revenge is a vicious cycle of instability and perpetual conflict..
William Masembe Nkata.(

Rob Thomas said...

Mr Rabb,
I just wanted to discover your views on the upcoming parlimentary debate regarding a referendum on the EU.
I would like to implore you to act
In order to help secure this referendum as the British people deserve to be heard on this issue. Tony Blair and his administration took this country into it fully without asking anyone and adopted the full HRA. Having a wife as a human rights barrister who stood to make millions out of it was just a slight conflict of interests dont you think?? I hope that you will be attending the debate and I hope that the promised referendum is forthcoming.
Robert Thomas.- Walton

Bassel Nadim said...

Dear Dominic,
I liked the critical points you addressed regarding the British economy on HARDtalk.
Well done

justoneperson said...

Dear Mr. Raab, there is a lot of information about you on your blog and website but I have been unable to locate details of your surgery times. Do you advertise them in advance and if so where do you place this advertisement? I have asked in the library and the citizen advice bureau and both were unable to help me.

Dom Raab said...

I rotate surgeries between Esher and Walton, so please use the contact details above if you wish to make a surgery appointment. DR

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