Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Conservatives Pledge to Protect Surrey Greenbelt

This week David Cameron pledged that a Conservative government will protect Surrey’s greenbelt, through plans to radically strengthen local democracy over planning policy.

From the outset of the ‘open primary’ campaign, I made clear my commitment to preserving our greenbelt for future generations – in Elmbridge, Surrey and the rest of Britain. I am delighted that this will now form a major plank of our policy at the next election.

The Party’s Green Paper (click here for the full report), includes proposals to:
- Scrap the South East Plan and Regional Planning Bodies in the first year of a Conservative government.
- Remove the ability of unaccountable planning inspectors to amend local planning policy.
- Curtail the ability of planning inspectors to trump the decisions of elected councils on planning applications.
- Reverse the way planning policy is created – so that it is bottom-up, not top-down – putting local communities and councils in the driving seat.
- Encourage local provision of affordable housing - more carrot, less stick – by giving the council the financial incentive of 125% of the council tax raised per unit of housing built for six years.
- Put any national planning policy framework to a vote in the House of Commons, so your elected MP gets a proper say.
- Maintain Green Belt protection to ‘protect the character of our country’s landscape, stop unsustainable urban sprawl and preserve wildlife.’
- Strengthen powers to remove illegal traveller sites and other unlawful developments.


Geoff said...

Not before time.
Developers have felt that they simply have to follow government guidlines,not matter what local people thought.

People are not against good quality housing,just poor developements in the wrong place,permitted by a civil servant in Bristol!!

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