Thursday, 11 February 2010

Red Ken -v- Raab

Today, former London Mayor hosted an episode of Epilogue, the book review show on Press TV, discussing 'The Assault on Liberty'.

Incidentally, this is the same London Mayor that, just a year before the July 2005 terrorist attacks, welcomed to the capital - and physically hugged - extremist preacher, Yusuf Qaradawi, an Islamic cleric who justifies wife-beating, reckons the Asian tsunami victims had it coming and advocates suicide bombing.

Fortunately, Alex Deane (Director of Big Brother Watch) was there to defend the case for British freedom from Ken's all too authoritarian instincts. Rodney Austin, a Human Rights Lecturer at University College London, also joined the discussion. You can watch the debate here.

Big Brother Watch is a new organisation campaigning for personal freedom from a center-right perspective. Alex Deane is a barrister and former Chief of Staff to David Cameron. You can check out the BBW website here, and Alex's various articles on Conservative Home here.


Richard Tebboth said...

It is worthy of note that this came from PressTV - an organisation funded by the Iranian government.
It seems unlikely that they would produce a similar programme on their domestic situation.

However, PressTV does provide on-the-spot live reporting of significant events from interesting places which are ignored by the mainstream media.

A recent example is Gaza and the delivery of medical and educational aid by UK voluntary organisations despite the severe obstructions imposed by the Egyptian authorities.

I was there!

The Count said...

Ken Livingstone's embrace of Qaradawi, and then his protracted defence of him (even to the extent of producing a dossier, was a disgrace to the office of Mayor of London.

Anonymous said...
(Part I)
(Part II)
(Part III)

The show provided an excellent and stimulating debate. It would be great if Dominic Raab would put in an appearance.

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