Sunday, 28 March 2010

Debating British Middle East Policy

Earlier this month, I was invited by Press TV to debate Dr Rosemary Hollis's new book, Britain and the Middle East in the 9/11 Era, on Epilogue, a show hosted by Ken Livingstone.

Press TV broadcasts legally in Britain. It is not banned, but it is (I understand) funded by the Iranian government. So I thought twice about even implicitly supporting such an appalling regime by going on the show. I decided to join the debate, but not accept any guest fee, because - if it legally broadcasts in Britain - it should be airing a range and balance of views. Free speech and open debate are the best disinfectant. As it turned out, I was joined by Rime Allaf (an Associate Fellow at Chatham House) and we had an interesting debate - I even managed to get 'Red Ken' to express his admiration for Ronald Reagan!

You can watch the show here.


Anonymous said...

What is your policy on Israel?

Dom Raab said...

That is a broad question. But, in terms of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I believe it is a two sided dispute. The only long term solution is a two-state solution - broadly based on the 1967 borders. At the moment, I question whether there is the leadership ready on either side to deliver on any peace deal, but it is important for the US - as the chief mediator - to try. Britain should support those efforts.

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