Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Election 2010: Declaration of Interests

In accordance with the recommendations of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, Ministry of Justice guidance and Conservative Party requirements, I have registered the following interests, as at 22 March 2010 and the date of my nomination as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Esher & Walton:
  • Full time employment as Chief of Staff to Dominic Grieve QC MP, Shadow Justice Secretary, House of Commons, Westminster. The employment expires on 6 May in accordance with notice.
  • Ongoing payments, from time to time, for sales of 'The Assault on Liberty' by Fourth Estate. No further work required.
  • I support the next Conservative Government's requirement that anyone who sits in either House will be required to be a full UK taxpayer. I confirm that, for the tax year 2008/9, I have not claimed to be, or been treated as not resident, not ordinarily resident or non-domiciled in the UK for tax purposes.


Bernard said...

To avoid post-election (assuming you are successful) embarassment, and to supplement your Declaration Of Interests, would you be willing to post details of all the expenses that you claimed whilst in the employment of Mr Grieve?

Dom Raab said...

The Conservative Party paid my monthly mobile phone bill and the occasional other incidental expense. I claimed nothing from any category of MP's expenses, staffing allowance or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I hope the other candidates follow suit. However, just clarify what is the source of your salary if you do not claim from Mr Grieve's staff allowances?

Dom Raab said...

Like many chiefs of staff, my salary is administered by the Conservative Party, from a pool of (duly declared) donations.

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