Friday, 15 October 2010

The Governator Comes to Town

They say politics is show-biz for ugly people. Just not to Arnie. This week California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, came to town and met the PM - giving him some typically candid advice on how to terminate the deficit ('Don't be an economic girlyman').

He took time out to meet some of the new Conservative MPs. As you'll see below, I wasn't alone in taking up the offer.

I'm a fan of Arnie's films and the whole backstory of how he made it in bodybuilding, Hollywood and then politics. A remarkable achievement. There is also something about California's ability to elect ground-breaking Republicans (Ronald Reagan, Arnie Vinnick - ok, so Vinnick's fictitious but he's in the West Wing, so it must be true).

There was a good article in The Economist last week, making the case for Arnie's independent style of politics - reaching out beyond the narrow trammels of party politics. He talked to us about his experience of cutting the state deficit, pension reform and the environment. Beneath the glitz and glamour, he struck me as man of conviction and resolve on a serious mission.


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