Sunday, 21 November 2010

Equal Opportunity v Social Engineering

I have written a piece for the Sunday Times, today, concluding:

'It’s time Britain started standing up for the meritocratic ideal. There aren’t two kinds of racism and sexism – positive and negative, good and bad. Both are plain wrong. We need a vision of our society where, in the words of the great Martin Luther King, we judge people as individuals, not by the colour of their skin – or any other social criteria for that matter – but by the content of their character. Scaling back the Equalities Act is a good place to start.'

You can access the article here.


Richard Tebboth said...

Mr Murdoch now charges for access to ST & T
I read the Telegraph
Please republish your article here

Lady Stum said...

Will you publish the article on your blog Raab? I am interested to know, how without legislation, the government proposes to protect vulnerable groups from descrimination from individuals and companies that do not share our meritocratic ideal and a country where there is equality of opportunity.


Lady Stum

Dom Raab said...

I cannot publish, but will blog again on this at some point.

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