Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Strike Law Reform

Today, I am introducing a proposed Bill in Parliament that would require strikes in the emergency services and transport sectors to carry a majority of support amongst their union members before taking place.

We have seen a range of recent strikes passed on small minorities as low as 20% support. When that happens, the majority of workers are corralled and often intimidated or bullied into supporting strike action, losing pay and undermining their freedom to work. In addition, it inflicts massive disruption on the wider public and economy. The scope for hardline union bosses to wreak chaos is particularly high in the emergency services and transport sectors. My proposals are designed to prevent such abuse and stand up for the hard-working majority.

You can read my article in the Times today here, or listen to my discussion with Bob Crow on the Today program this morning here.

UPDATE: My proposal was forced to a vote by Labour and defeated by 171 votes to 121. Because it is backbench business, government ministers abstain by convention. Normally, the opposition frontbench would do the same on a 'ten minute rule bill' (which is a proposal to allow a proper debate on the issue - today we just had twenty minutes). The bill would have been unlikely to become law unless taken up by the government. Nevertheless, Labour whipped their rank and file through the lobby - the first time it has been done under Ed Miliband on a ten minute rule bill and virtually unprecedented. Never let it be said that Ed Miliband's Labour are in hock to the unions !


Richard Tebboth said...

Generally +ve comments on Conservativehome


Clearly the 'convention' that Government ministers and PPSs do not take part in votes on Ten Minute Rule should be abandoned - certainly in situations where the opposition is whipped

Emms Rogan said...

We have MP's being elected with much less than 50% of the vote, a government pushing through major reforms that the electorate did not vote for, an unelected second chamber and automatic seats in the Lords for Bishops of the Church of England. I'd be inclined to turn my attention to these major stumbling blocks to true democracy. I'm pleased with the result.

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