Friday, 2 September 2011

Out with the Angels

Tonight, I went out with Walton Street Angels, a new group that patrol the various night spots in Walton, offering moral and practical support to those who are vulnerable on a Friday night. Whether its a kind word, a lollipop to break the ice or flip-flops for young girls taking off their high heels (so they don't step on glass), the Angels offer a non-judgemental helping hand. To learn more, visit their website here.

We met up at 9.30pm for a briefing (as pictured below). I then spent an hour or so with them, touring the town centre. Easily identified in their blue and yellow fleeces and jackets, the very first greeting we received was from an enthusiastic (sober) couple, whose friend the Angels helped a few weeks earlier. As we walked from pub to bar, a look of bemusement on the faces of many revellers soon turned to curiosity and then gratitude. Trained and working in coordination with the police, the Angels basically look out for those who might otherwise get into some sort of trouble. The bouncers greet them fondly, as do the burger and kebab vendors, and I was struck by how welcome they were everywhere.

Of course, one or two may sneer, but I am full of admiration for the volunteers who are prepared to give up a Friday might to keep any eye out for people who just might fall into some type of distress. I left them at 11pm. They keep at it until around 3am. So, if you see them walking around with their distinctive logo, show them your support - they're selfless community spirit is rather special, and ought to be a great source of pride in Walton.


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