Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Parliament to Vote on Extradition Reform

Last week, I opened a Westminster Hall debate making the case for extradition reform. You can watch it here.

Following the groundswell of support at that debate, I have secured a debate and vote on the issue on Monday afternoon - a vital opportunity for Parliament to stand up for safeguards to protect our citizens from rough justice under the European Arrest Warrant and UK-US treaty.

The motion has strong cross-party support, including from Sir Ming Campbell and two Labour Chairs of Select Committees.

UPDATE: On 5 December, the House of Commons overwhelmingly backed the motion calling on the government to reform our extradition regime. The motion passed without opposition.


Claire said...

Hooray! I applaud you for doing this. The British people want and deserve an end to retrospective extradition, extradition with no evidence, extradition for non-crimes, imprisonment without trial. The cases of Babar Ahmad, Gary McKinnon and others bring the Government and judiciary into disrepute, it's a national disgrace.

Any MP that does not vote in favour of the motion on Monday is surely an enemy of the British people, of human rights, and of justice. I've written to mine, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, and asked him to attend and vote in favour. Here's hoping.

Mick said...

I am surprised there isn’t an uproar in the legal community against this draconian treaty. After all, the presumption is, “innocent till proven guilty.” In Mckinnon’s case, the attorney general of U.S made a comment that, “Gary Mckinnon must be held responsible for his actions.” It seems to me that the Americans have made their mind up about Gary’s guilty verdict. It doesn’t seem he will be getting a fair trial anyway.

It’s a shame that we can’t afford the same sort of protections to our citizens that the Germans and French enjoy. They refuse to bend over backwards to the Almighty U.S. The U.S. ambassador is clearly part of the lobbying efforts of the government of the U.S.

Interestingly, almost every request made by U.S. for extraditing British Citizens was granted with the exception of those that involved terrorists. As I understand it, the purpose of this treaty was to expedite the extradition of terrorists.

It seems that Americans fooled us again. First we signed on to a fake Weapons of Mass destruction War and now to a draconian UNFAIR treaty. I hope the vote does go through and it will be a victorious day for GB.

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