Monday, 5 March 2012

Local Business Innovation

Last Friday, I visited Hersham Place Technology Park, to hear from local businesses before the budget on 23 March. Later, that day, I dropped by Chelsea Technologies in Molesey, to get an update from Managing Director Dr Brian Phillips (pictured below).

Chelsea Technologies produced the sensors used to clear up the BP oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. Brian talked me through some of their latest innovations - from technology that measures oceansic algae growth (a source of biofuel, and a check on CO2 emissions) to hydrocarbon monitors used to monitor spillage after the Costa Concordia shipwreck.

We need to do more to promote start ups and small and medium sized enterprises with a high tech niche. I will be pressing the case tomorrow at Treasury Questions.


Brenda Nelson said...

I agree with promoting small and medium sized businesses. And hats of to Chelsea Tech for making such a thing as it would have certainly proved vital in the clean up efforts.
I really have no expertise in the tech niche myself, but I did start my own business several years ago, a retail pet supply store, it is very hard for people to take small businesses seriously it seems. My prices were lower than some of the big box stores because I had lower overhead, and the quality of the products was higher than in some of the big stores... yet people are so drawn to supporting the bigger companies it is a struggle - I sold after 3 years.
Great blog - thanks - we need to support local businesses as they keep money in the local economy.

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