Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Britain's Work Ethic

This week, the Daily Telegraph is running a series of articles based on the key chapters in a new book, Britannia Unchained, written by myself and four colleagues: Priti Patel, Kwasi Kwarteng, Liz Truss and Chris Skidmore. It addresses key long-term and 'big picture' issues facing the country at a time of increasingly intense global economic competition - national debt, state education, innovation and work ethic - and will be published next Wednesday.

I have written the piece for tomorrow, available here, addressing the issue of Britain's work ethic.


chefdave said...

The biggest impediment to hard graft is the tax system. I've lost count of the number of times I've spoken to colleagues who say they're willing to do more overtime but the additional taxation levied doesn't make it worth their while. Only parliament can sort this out by taking the tax burden off of wages and productive income, this'll send the out the message that the government backs our decision to work and the economy would respond accordingly.

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