Saturday, 15 September 2012

Local Interview with Geoff Marshall

I am starting a new initiative of letting local constituents from all walks of life interview me for a short podcast. I plan to do one every couple of months - with local businessmen, students, people working in the charitable sector and anyone else who is interested in putting their MP through his paces. The aim is to enable those who are not really involved in party politics to get their point or questions across.

First up is Geoff Marshall. I knocked on Geoff's door during the 2010 election and we had a great chat and stayed in touch ever since. I didn't know it at the time, but Geoff was previously Managing Director of Body Shop UK and Terrence Conran UK, so he has enormous business experience. He has also served as a magistrate, so has clear views on the criminal justice system.

The format for these interviews, more generally, is that people can ask me what they like (without pre-notification of the questions!). I don't edit the video, so you get an unvarnished conversation. I will try to keep them to about 5-6 minutes. In this case, I'm afraid that Geoff and I nattered on for a fair bit longer, so I have split it into two parts. The first covers the economy, the second foreign policy and the criminal justice system.


Lewis McGuinness said...

It's Frost Nixon all over again...You are a natural interviewer Geoff and Dom's not bad either.Great initiative. Good luck.

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