Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Green Energy

Today, Parliament debates the Energy Bill. I have written an article for City AM, setting out what I believe we need to develop to achieve an environmental policy that makes broader economic sense.

You can read it here.


Andrew Voysey said...


I'm troubled by the voices making casual references to the American experience of shale gas as a justification for our dash for gas in the UK. Not only are we utterly different in so many ways (population density, land rights, geological stores) but the US experience is far from rosy. See this NY Times article on how the energy sector is cursing shale gas, while the banks make more:

And with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - part owned by the UK Government and charged with investing in the strategic development of European economies - devoting a total of nearly 30% of its investment in 2011 to renewable energy and energy efficiency, I'm left wondering what do you know that they don't?

Dom Raab said...

Thanks Andrew for the post. I don't refer to the US experience of shale gas in my article, and I agree the conditions are different. Prof Helm at Oxford is interesting on the subject.

I am a bit surprised by your glowing reference to the EBRD, which has been plagued by corruption, fraud and criticised for its investment in coal.In any case, the fact that a big EU bureaucracy supports something doesn't clinch it for me. The EU pays 40% of its budget on agricultural subsidies, and a familiar argument was made against recalictrant Brits when the Eurozone was set up.

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