Monday, 22 April 2013

Business on Bridge Road

On Friday, I joined Dave Jupp (of Molesey Business Association) and Mark Goodman who runs the Molesey and Hampton Court village website. We toured Bridge Road in East Molesey, talking to restaurant owners, shopkeepers and other retailers (some of whom are pictured below, courtesy of Mark). I love Bridge Road. Erika and I regularly wander down there, at weekends, browsing in the shops or to have lunch. 

All the local businesses I talked to raised the issue of parking regulation, and in particular the delays in introducing a regime to encourage the churn of consumers to increase footfall, which is vital for local business. I have written to Surrey County Council about this. Molesey is quite unique in Elmbridge. We have a terrific range of local businesses, and it is crucial to support them through tough economic times.

With Deepan at EKA ...
... chatting to retailers outside Hampton Court Superstore ...

... talking to Fadi Kesserwany at Mezzet restaurant ...
... and hearing from Peter (who runs Dish) at Lancelot's Wines (run by Lauren).


Guy said...

Ditto Claygate.
1. Local shops need customers to be able to park easily and close-by, therefore more spent within community, more employment, thriving shops etc
2. Too many commuters cars parked haphazardly on main and side roads
3. Car parks have ridiculous charges - enough to stop people parking there, not enough to cover the cost of equipment, maintenance and enforcement - and are therefore mostly empty and a drain on resource.

And what are EBC proposing? To sell the car parks because they are under-utlised. Outrageous. They are a village asset - why not transfer ownership to the Parish Council who could use them for the benefit of the community. I cant believe we vote these people in!

Nell Nockles said...

Yes, I agree Bridge Road is a vibrant part of the borough. Especially at the weekends when folks from various parts of the world can be seen ‘Promenading’ on a fine day. We love our community, and will strive to keep it a traditional, friendly village atmosphere. Have you tried the Molesey pork sausages from Peter Dales? Yummy!

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