Friday, 30 August 2013

The Syria Vote

The government was defeated even on the much diluted House of Commons motion, which you can read here. The motion called for  a humanitarian response and UN action.  It made clear there would be no UK military action without another vote in the House of Commons first. I supported the government on that basis, having made clear I would not vote for British military action if it were put before us later.
In terms of my own views, I set out my reservations about any UK military involvement in The Sunday Times back in May here. I reiterated those concerns on ITV Day Break this week here.
Nevertheless, I have to say, for all the media commentary, I think the Prime Minister deserves credit for listening rather than ploughing on like Tony Blair regardless of public opinion. The fact is that he clearly - personally, as a matter of conviction - felt the UK should intervene, but understood that neither Parliament nor the public would go that far. He responded accordingly.



david moore said...

Hi Dom

Personally I would have probably voted no - however with your caveat I'm happy to support your stance / view on this - well done and keep up the good work (by the way - excellent communications with your electorate - blogs, newsletters, web site - very impressed.)

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