Thursday, 9 April 2015

Out on the Campaign Trail

Last night, all the candidates gathered for the first of the Esher & Walton constituency hustings, hosted by the brilliant Esher Business Guild (EBG) at the Esher civic centre. My thanks to Madeleine, Smita and Ian from the EBG for organising the hustings. It was a good opportunity to remind people about the Conservatives economic record - and the alternative with Ed Miliband.

One interesting point that emerged was how badly partisan attacks on the state of the NHS, especially from the Labour party, went down. One of our local councillers and a longstanding NHS employee, Christine Cross (pictured below), fired up the mood by hitting back at Labour attempts to score cheap political points by scaremongering about the NHS locally. It probably drew the biggest applause of the evening.

This morning, I was back out onto the doorstep. I was campaigning in Esher with local councillor David Archer, and a team of volunteers. We have a number of council seats up for election on 7 May, and - contrary to myth - Conservatives have only a relatively small majority, mainly because of opposition Residents Association groups. I will then be down in Kingston this afternoon helping our fantastic candidate James Berry try and win that seat from the Lib Dems.

Anyway, this morning, we were delivering leaflets and came across the Unite union's palatial training centre deep in the heart of Esher. David and I couldn't resist a photo. I'm not sure how often Red Len McClusky and the other fat cat union bosses get down here, but they might have to sell it if Ed Miliband gets in and introduces a mansion tax. The comrades won't be happy.


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