Friday, 19 March 2010

Preserving Our Greenbelt

One of the things I enjoy most about living in Elmbridge is being able to disappear off for an hour or so, jogging across the commons - from Claygate to Oxshott. We are blessed with wonderful greenbelt. It is easy to forget that the borough council work hard to keep our local commons - and the wildlife that thrives here - properly maintained, for example, by ensuring the right balance between woods and heath.

On Friday, Hamish White and Ian Burrows kindly gave me a tour of the commons (from Esher to Oxshott), and in the process a much better appreciation of what goes into protecting our local environment. My thanks to them, and councillors Jan Fuller and John O'Reilly who joined the tour.


Penelope Lee said...

Dear Dominic,

We are pleased that you are committed to protect the beautiful places in Elmbridge.

I should be interested in your opinions regarding the planned high desity development on the riverbank opposite Hampton Court Palace, known as the Jolly Boatman site. We believe that this planning permission should be overturned, in recognition of the importance of this site on both a National and International level.

Penelope Lee

Dom Raab said...


In truth, it is difficult to see how this decision can be overruled under the existing legislative framework. It would be irresponsible of me to suggest otherwise.

Going forward, you will have seen my posts on the Conservative proposals - to strengthen local delocracy in planning policy, and planning applications, in place of the current top-down approach from Whitehall.



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