Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Election 2010: City AM Backs the Conservatives

This morning sees a fresh batch of endorsements for David Cameron and the Conservatives - from familiar sources, like the Daily Mail, and unexpected ones, like Simon Cowell.

Perhaps the most interesting is City AM, which joins the growing consensus that only David Cameron can provide the economic leadership Britain sorely needs. The Editor dismisses Nick Clegg:

"He would devastate the City and make Britain far less attractive to entrepreneurs, especially with his capital gains tax hike."

On the Conservatives, he says:

"They are the party most likely to come up with the right answers to cut the budget deficit; the most likely, over time, to shrink the size of the state and liberate the private sector; the least likely to impose yet more punitive taxes on the striving classes; the most likely to renegotiate a better deal for Britain from Brussels ... Their welfare reforms would begin to rebuild communities, families and civil society. The Tory education policy – which would allow the creation of new, privately run yet state funded schools – would revolutionise the prospects of millions of children, especially those from the poorest families ... A fresh team is required to drag Britain out of the desperate mess we have allowed ourselves to fall into. We urge all our readers to vote Conservative in tomorrow’s election."

Read the full article here.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Dom. You got my vote. Even though you didn't answer my questions on European policy.

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