Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Mail on Sunday Apologises

On 30 January 2011, the Mail on Sunday printed a story based on two second-hand and anonymous sources implying I was a sexist bully in a previous job before becoming an MP. I told the Mail on Sunday at the time that this was a smear, and that ‘any insinuation that I have behaved improperly is false and malicious’. So when they printed the story, I sued. A year later, with seven first-hand witnesses able to vindicate my side of the case at trial, the Mail on Sunday has apologised unequivocally and paid compensation to settle the case.

The following apology appears in today's edition on page 2 (click here for the online apology):

'We accept that our allegations were unfounded and we apologise to Mr Raab for the damage, embarrassment and offence caused.'

This was not a crusade against the tabloid press. But, when a newspaper gets a story badly wrong like this, it is important that there is some accountability - and an apology.


Anonymous said...

glad you won . Tell DC to pull his finger out.

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