Friday, 16 March 2012

Obama and Cameron announce Extradition Review

In December, the House of Commons voted unanimously for reform of our extradition regime with the US and under the European Arrest Warrant.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister and President Obama announced a review of the UK-US arrangements. Today, I discussed whether this amounts to a breakthrough on the Daily Politics show here.


Fencer90 said...

This legislation is not I feel completely balanced,there do seem to be some disparities on the burden of proof between UK and The US. However I speak as some one who imported military and high end industrial electronics from the US for 30 years .I would be very care full before hitching my horse to the Christopher Tappin wagon.Every body knows in the electronics business that you screw with The US Dept of Commerce at your peril. I have been offered deals which with the briefest of examinations turned out to be a huge risk. Example: Quoted for some Switches made by MSC Corp in the US, shipping to UK agent of a Gulf company.These turned out to be command switches off of F4 Phantoms (Iran ????)needless to say we refused the deal. There are plenty more examples going back thirty years of stuff that we just said no to.
Mr Tappin was either very stupid and thought he had found the golden goose or he was taking risks that no one in the industry would touch with a barge pole. Gel filled Aerobatic batteries do not go in cars !!!!!!!!!

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